Workshop: Tips for Excelling in Youth Soccer from an MLS VeteranBy Charles LaCalle
Charles works with Trace to educate teams and parents on using video effectively for player development and recruiting.

Workshop: Tips for Excelling in Youth Soccer from an MLS Veteran

In this upcoming workshop on August 5 at 6 pm PM ET, Trace’s Tim Bennett will be speaking with Wells Thompson, an MLS veteran and the founder of Soccer Resilience. Wells co-founded Soccer Resilience to help others reach their full mental, physical and emotional potential, on and off the field. Through his 9-year career as a professional soccer player (#5 pick in the 2007 MLS Draft and 2010 MLS Cup Champion), coach, entrepreneur and ultrarunner, Wells has learned valuable lessons about what it takes to go from youth soccer to college soccer to Major League Soccer.  He’ll be sharing his story in this workshop. 

This workshop will cover…  
– How to use game film effectively to accelerate improvement
– Staying mentally fit before games
-Controlling emotions and staying receptive to feedback
– Tips for preparing for beep tests
– How athletes should prepare for college soccer recruiting in 2021


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"Great technology that gives you personalized video clips and some analytics too."

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