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Mandeville Soccer Club Enters Two-Year Partnership with TraceBy Reann Dvorscek
Reann works with Trace to educate clubs and partners on utilizing video to generate club awareness and increase player engagement.

Mandeville Soccer Club Enters Two-Year Partnership with Trace

MANDEVILLE, LA + AUSTIN, TX (Feb 25, 2022)Mandeville Soccer Club and Trace are pleased to announce a one-year extension to their existing club partnership, which has equipped select Mandeville SC teams with Trace’s all-inclusive game film system. 

Trace uses AI technology to automatically film and edit games and deliver personalized player moments, tactical team playlists, performance data and more after every game. Through the educational Trace Academy and custom Trace workshops and webinars, Trace also provides players, parents and coaches with all the resources needed to maximize Trace’s impact. That includes giving participating teams access to Trace iD, Trace’s easy-to-use and customizable platform for recruiting and development. 

A staple of their local community, Mandeville Soccer Club has been providing soccer education, development and playing opportunities to community members since 1994. The club serves over 2,000 players — many of them children under the age of nineteen, but the organization includes adult players as well. 

Though the club is rooted in tradition and history, Mandeville SC is thinking forward to the future of the sport. That future calls for new technologies (like Trace) to accelerate development and cater to the way today’s children want to learn. “We are thrilled that Mandeville SC continues to be a strong advocate for Trace, and a leading light in the world of youth soccer,” says David Lokshin, CEO of Trace. “This continued partnership is a testament to our shared commitment to empowering players and coaches to be the best they can be.”

“Trace is becoming a critical tool for the development of our players,” says Pere Bascu, the club’s Director of Coaching and Player Development. “What is most valuable about Trace is the quick turnaround of the footage for players to review and create a personal opinion on their personal and collective performance. Our players are improving themselves off the field and that’s key for their development. Trace is a tool for our players to become students of the game and improve on their tactical side of the game. We are extremely excited to see Trace’s continued impact on the development of our players at Mandeville Soccer Club.”

Mandeville SC are joined by 200+ clubs and organizations that have partnered with Trace to provide their players with the best resources for development and college recruitment.

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About Trace:
Trace is a sports technology company changing the way teams and clubs film and consume soccer video. Trace’s revolutionary all-in-one platform uses AI technology, GPS sensors, and powerful software to automatically capture and organize match footage, generate tactical playlists, and deliver personalized moments to each player. An elite resource for player development and college recruitment, Trace is the most affordable and effective way to have your own film crew, editing team, and video analysis staff at your fingertips.


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Maggy Mahalick | Head of Strategic Partnerships

About Mandeville SC:

MSC is a model club with a player-first philosophy.  MSC is one of the most successful clubs in Louisiana with its youth developmental programming. Mandeville SC continues to use innovative player development methods.

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