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5 Features Every Soccer Parent Wants in a Soccer Camera

Finding the right soccer camera can be difficult. We surveyed more than 300 parents to learn about the features that are most important to them when it comes to recording soccer games.

by Griffin Lloyd

Former college athlete and video editor. Current content creator, sports enthusiast and dog dad.

We surveyed more than 300 parents with children currently participating in youth soccer to understand which features they most like to see in a soccer camera. With several soccer cameras currently available in the market, our findings help narrow down the most important thing parents want to accomplish when they purchase a soccer camera for their children or for their childrens’ teams. Here are the top five answers:

  1. Ability to zoom in on my child
  2. More accurate highlights
  3. Higher video quality
  4. Live streaming
  5. Performance statistics

Ability to zoom in on my child

With 38% of all votes, a resounding percentage of parents identified the ability to zoom in on their own child as the number one priority in a soccer camera. The issue with most soccer cameras available today is that they are all focused on the bigger picture, with no ability to get up close and personal on any specific player. This pain point is worsened as these players begin to create highlight videos for college recruiting, as players don’t have individual footage that they can easily share with coaches.

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More Player highlights

The next most popular answer was the ability to have more player highlights. Do you see a theme building? At the end of the day, seeing the entire team play is great, but we’re learning that what parents want the most is footage of their own child. Trace is the only camera with the ability to record every game, automatically edit (and tag) every single highlight of every player on the field, and deliver it within hours of the game. Parents get what matters most to them, without the need to do extra work.

Higher video quality

The advancement of smartphone camera-quality has drastically increased expectations when it comes to recording youth sports. The problem is it can be a hassle to follow the entire game on your phone – and then there is the matter of doing something with the footage. Parents have turned to the reliability of soccer cameras to record their children’s soccer games, with the option of still recording on the sideline through their mobile device. Still, the industry standard among soccer cameras is 1080p, which is more than reasonable considering all of the tools, tracking, and editing that goes on behind the scenes.

Live streaming

With the convenience of watching just about every sporting event from the comfort of your own home these days, it’s only fitting that soccer camera companies have begun to offer live streaming at the youth sports level. If you have family or friends spread out across the country or world, this could be the best opportunity for them to see a game they might not otherwise get to watch. In order to live stream a soccer game yourself, you’ll need quite the setup. Not only will you need a camera capable of streaming, but you also need a stable data connection, plenty of storage available, external battery packs, and a SIM card with a data plan.

Performance stats

As sports continue to become more data- driven than ever, young athletes and parents have noticed a growing popularity in performance statistics. There are two ways of judging a performance: visually and statistically. Using statistics in youth sports has become a hot topic of discussion as many believe detailed statistics are unnecessary for the youth, but there is definite value and subjectivity in seeing numbers after a game. While many young athletes simply want to wear the same gear as their favorite professional player, parents, athletes, and coaches have all begun to implement metrics for improved performance and to better understand the components of productivity throughout any given game.

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Which soccer camera solves these problems?

Trace is the simple answer. With automatic player highlights and performance metrics delivered just hours after every game, Trace offers the most value and the quickest turnaround time. Sensor technology allows for the most accurate player and ball tracking so that you won’t ever miss an important play again. And get this, there’s no editing required!

One of the best features included with Trace is MultiCam. MultiCam allows you to place your phone along the sidelines to capture even more angles simultaneously to the TraceCam for epic player highlights and better post-game analysis. Once the game is over, you’ll receive ESPN-like highlights for a broadcast style viewing experience never seen before.

Every Trace subscription also includes Trace iD. Think of it as an Instagram or TikTok profile for every player to save and organize their game footage and highlights. Players can easily share their Trace iD with friends and family as well as recruiters to show off their progress and showcase their talent.

With automatic highlights, player statistics, high video quality (1080p), MultiCam, and Trace iD, it’s evident that Trace offers all of the unique features that parents are looking for in a soccer camera.

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