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Consisting of durability, mobility, affordability, and powerful AI, Trace is the perfect soccer camera tracker for capturing your player’s best plays on and off the ball.
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by Griffin Lloyd

Former college athlete and video editor. Current content creator, sports enthusiast and dog dad.

It’s never too early to start capturing high-quality videos of your player’s best moments. An auto-tracking camera gives you the footage needed to take your player from the first stages of their journey – playing recreationally – to the moment they’re winning tournaments or getting recruited for college. GoPros, iPhones, and other cameras have the ability to capture the whole pitch, but the best soccer camera tracking systems give you more angles and footage to assist players in training their skills.

What is an auto-tracking camera & what does it do?

A sports tracking camera is a recording device designed for convenient, automated filming of team events. They are usually small and unobtrusive and easy to set up; many models also feature weatherproofing and durable construction. Popular tracking cameras also have AI-powered software with analytics; although, not all models offer the same features.

For instance, Trace’s sports camera software finds and follows each player on the field – both on or off the ball – and captures their movement, decision-making skills, and impact on the game. Using AI, Trace automatically creates and delivers personalized highlights for every player. This allows for player-focused postgame analysis, accelerated individual player development, and hours and hours saved for parents and coaches who edit the film.

Benefits of a sport tracking camera for soccer

Sports action cameras can be an invaluable tool for recording youth soccer games, providing parents and coaches with an easy way to review game footage and identify areas for improvement. Besides improving their game, players and parents can use the recordings to save memories and instill motivation.

Highlight reels

A lot of parents get involved in their kid’s game film for college recruiting. They are either actively helping their young athlete compile moments into highlight reels, or creating YouTube channels to one day send to college soccer coaches. Trace’s automatic tracking software ensures you won’t miss a minute while your player is on the field.

“I film everything for my rising Junior, Dante. He has dreams of playing in college, so I knew recording video of his soccer games was going to be a must, but it’s turned into much more.”

Training & development

Reviewing mistakes and missed opportunities can be as valuable (if not more) than saving winning highlights. Players can raise their soccer IQ by viewing different angles of game-deciding plays and gathering new insights on field positioning. Trace’s AI software allows for seamless syncing of game film from multiple viewpoints so you can get a fuller picture.

“I use the video to see his foot placement on shots – I discovered he has a tendency to bring the ball in off the right wing and put it in with his non-dominant left foot. I was really surprised to see how often he did that.”


Many parents get involved in the development of their players through game film. It’s not only a useful tool to talk about how their player is progressing, but it’s also a great way to connect with their kid. Motivation and progress reinforce one another, and highlights showcasing small wins can have a large impact on player mentality.

“I look for things that I know my son is working on, and use it to pat him on the back when I see him trying something new or take a risk on the field. Then we also look for opportunities to improve in-game decisions making.”


Sometimes all you need from a soccer camera is to watch while bonding with family. Tracking cameras make sure your player is in focus the entire duration of the game, so you can have plenty of footage to replay after they leave for college. Moreover, Trace’s tracking camera and software safely store your player’s game film to a unique online profile.

“These are the memories that matter most. I can’t wait to sit down in 5, 10, and 15 years to relive these moments…”

5 features that make Trace the ultimate soccer camera system

Trace is the only sports tracking camera that automatically records and edits soccer games, and delivers highlights for each player on the team within hours of the game. Our MultiCam feature captures even more angles and close-ups from the sidelines. Once the game is over, Trace makes it easy (and fun) to access and share personalized highlights along with a social profile that players can send to family, friends, or college recruiters. Some of the features that make Trace the ultimate sports camera tracking system include:

  • Auto recording – Just press record, then sit back and relax, knowing you won’t miss a single second of the action. Our soccer camera follows play throughout the entire game and tracks each player to create individual highlights for direct postgame feedback.
  • More angles – While the Trace cam records at a fixed, elevated angle near the halfway line, MultiCam allows you to set up your phone and record anywhere along the sidelines for ESPN-level highlights. Once the game is over, our AI will stitch your phone footage with the camera footage and include every angle in your highlights for the most engaging viewing experience.
Trace's multi cam soccer tracker
  • Auto Editing – Once the footage is captured, Trace automatically edits each player’s highlights and sends them in the form of a playlist. Trace auto-tags every play to make postgame analysis more effective.
  • Personalized playlists – Trace uses AI to create clips of each player’s best moments so they’re easy to share with friends or family. That way, your player can get feedback on their highlights directly from their peers and teammates.
  • Personal profileTrace iD is every player’s personal profile that allows them to store, organize, and share their best plays with anyone. Coaches have their own Trace iD, which they can use to put together training playlists and to assign players video homework for developing their skills.

Get the ultimate soccer camera tracking software 

Whether you’re a parent looking to capture precious memories or a coach trying to improve your players’ performance, Trace is the ideal solution. Soccer camera tracking software is an invaluable tool for progressing skills, building highlight reels, and keeping families engaged with the game. Start saving highlights and capturing your player no matter where they are on the field!

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