5 Features That Make Trace the Ultimate Action Camera for Youth Soccer

Consisting of durability, mobility, and powerful AI, Trace is the perfect action camera for capturing every soccer moment.

by Griffin Lloyd

Former college athlete and video editor. Current content creator, sports enthusiast and dog dad.

Do you need an action camera for youth sports?

It’s never too early to start capturing high quality video of your player’s best moments. An action camera gives soccer parents and coaches the kind of footage they need to take a player from the first stages of their journey – playing recreationally and developing motor skills – to the moment they’re honing their talent and playing competitively to win tournaments or get scouted.

GoPros, iPhones and other cameras have the ability to capture the whole pitch, but the best action camera gives you more angles and footage players will actually watch in order to train their skills.

Trace is the only sports action camera that automatically records and edits soccer games, and sends highlights for each player on the team within hours of the game. Our MultiCam feature captures even more angles and close-ups from the sidelines. Once the game is over, Trace makes it easy (and fun) to access and share highlights with personalized playlists and a social profile player’s can send to family, friends, and college recruiters.
Here are 5 features that make Trace the ultimate soccer camera:

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Auto Recording

Trace automatically records the entire game using powerful AI technology. Just press record, then sit back and relax, knowing you won’t miss a single second of the action. Our action camera follows play throughout the entire game and tracks each player to create individual and team highlights for direct feedback postgame.

More angles!

While the Trace Cam records at a fixed, elevated angle near the halfway line, MultiCam allows you to set up your phone and record anywhere along the sidelines for ESPN-level highlights. Once the game is over, our AI will stitch your phone footage with the camera footage and include every angle in your highlights for the most engaging viewing experience.

Auto Editing

Once footage is captured, Trace automatically edits each player’s highlights and sends them to everyone on the team in the form of a playlist. Trace auto-tags every play to make postgame analysis a more effective, and our intelligent tracking software shares performance metrics with each player. Stats including minutes run, time spent on different areas of the field, and more insight that hasn’t previously been available in youth soccer!

But wait, there’s more!

Personalized Playlists

Every soccer game is an opportunity to learn and improve. But often, after the final whistle blows, that opportunity is missed. Trace is changing that by delivering game-day highlights to individuals and teams via playlists that are automatically generated after every game. Trace uses AI to edit game footage, create clips of each player’s best moments, and tag every play (e.g. goals, touch chains). That way, everyone can see what they did well and what they need to work on.

Personal profile

Want to send clips of your player scoring the game-winning goal to friends and family? Want to send their highlights to college coaches? Trace iD is every player’s personal profile that allows them to store, organize, and share their best plays with anyone. Coaches have their own Trace iD, which they can use to put together training playlists and to assign player’s video homework that helps develop their skills.

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What is an action camera and why do I need it?

A sports action camera is a recording device that is designed for convenient, automated recording of sporting events. They are usually small and unobtrusive, making them easy to set up and use. Many models also feature weatherproofing and durable construction, making them ideal for recording soccer games in all conditions.

Sports action cameras can be an invaluable tool for recording youth soccer games.Providing parents and coaches with an easy way to review game footage and identify areas for improvement. An AI-powered soccer camera like Trace delivers that and more, including highlights and insights from key moments in the game. Whether you’re a parent looking to capture precious memories or a coach trying to improve your team’s performance, a sports action camera, Trace is an ideal solution.

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